Our publication Policy

The publishing policy of the Bank and Policy Journal includes:
1. The language of the journal is English. Therefore, authors are asked to submit their papers in English. If the articles are translated and submitted, the authors should carefully proofread the articles before submission.
2. The magazine is published 6 times a year. Articles can be published online if they are accepted after the authors have submitted them. Articles can be posted on the site by the editors after they are accepted. There is no tentative publication date. Articles can be posted on the site for two months or one week.
3. If the article is accepted, the editor-in-chief may issue a letter of acceptance to the authors.
4. The journal publishes its issues both in print and on the Internet.
5. When accepting journal articles, preference is given to the theme belonging to the journal and foreign authors.
6. The journal does not publish articles for the author's money.
7. Payment is required only after acceptance of the articles.
8. In no case should the author think about publishing the article he needs for money, and any articles and editorial requests about this are not unambiguously accepted. The number of articles to be published in one issue is 25. It is impossible to go beyond this limit
9. Scientists and teachers can send their resumes to the journal's email address for admission to the international editorial board.
10. The purpose of the journal is not to publish ordinary articles, but to fill the quota. The purpose of the journal is to publish quality, concise, relevant and international articles.