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General Information

Journal name  Bank and Policy
Frequency Bimonthly - 6 Issue in a Year. The Journal is published regularly in February, April, June, August, October and December.
Publication mode Articles are published online when they are ready. However, the print will be published at the end of months. It can be published online within 2 months. There is no specific day for this.
Language  English
ISSN (p) 2790-1041
ISSN (e) 2790-2366
Editor-in-Chief Dr. Nasir Mammadov(Azerbaijan, Baku)
Deputy Editor - in - Chief Dr. Uma Shankar Yadav (India)
Chairman of Editorial Board Prof.Dr. Shafa Aliyev (Azerbaijan)
Publisher IMCRA - International Meetings and Conferences Research Association
Country The Republic of Azerbaijan
Estblashing 2021
Adress Azerbaijan. Baku, A.Jafarov str.13., 13th microdistrict
Phone +994515412592
Type of the Journal Open access double blind peer-reviewed research journal freely accessible online
Category Economics, Finance, Management, Politics
Review Policy Double-Blind Peer Review System, Open Peer Review (since JAN 2022)
Scope Bank, Economy, Politics, Finance, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Economic Development, Education economics, Financial economics, Regional economic, Political economics, Econometric Models, Simultaneous Equation Models, Estimation Frameworks, Online Business, Network business , Pharmacy Business, Programming and modeling, Models for Count Data, Duration Models, Limited Dependent Variables, Econometric Theory, Dynamical Systems, Theoretical economy, Scientific prognosis, Regional Policy, National Policy, Import and export policy, World policy, World Bank, Formalizing State Budget, Budget policy, Financial politics, Financial Risk, Market policy, Taxes policy, Customs policy and balancing, Ranking of National Universities, Ranking of Foreign Universities, Social Policy, Social networking policy
Aim of the Journal 

The main goal of the journal is the synthesis of economics and politics, an assessment of the current state of the World in this area. The bank is the backbone of social life. Without banking and credit policy, it is difficult to govern the world. When banking and politics coincide, it becomes the world's leading merger. That is why our Journal is called Bank and Policy.

Almost, the main purpose of this journal is to publish quality research work in the discipline on development economics, macroeconomics, politics, and political economy and etc. It is also open to publications in other areas of economics and politics that are of general interest to a wide range of readers. Contributions are welcome from national and international researchers based on empirical research, case studies, discussions, and critical reviews on a wide range of areas and themes that come under the ambit of education and social sciences. This journal aims to provide a platform for educationists, social scientists, researchers, faculty, students, and policy makers globally to share their contributions. The journal invites high-level publications.  Bank and Policy regularly publishes original research papers, project abstracts, interviews, book reviews, political and economical commentaries, and conference proceedings.

Article length  3.000 words-12.000 words
Article mode empirical and analytical researches, theoretical, commentaries, interviews, 
Number of articles in Regular Issue

10 - 25 articles  

Number of articles in a Special Issue 30 - 80 articles
Number of articles in e Year 60-150 articles
Number of Issues in a Year 6 Issues
Number of Special Issues in a Year 3 Specials
Access Policy  Open Access
Price Online: Open access (30 USD $)
Archiving Policy PDF online and Printed Journal (Open Access). 
Submission Mode Word (2003 - till now)
Literature Style APA 7 and Codding (for Azerbaijani authors, Because this is required by the Higher Attestation Commission under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.)
Copyright and Licensing 

Creative Commons Attribution License CC BY


Authors should pay attention

1. Plagiarism

2. Editing, Language correction

Publisher E-mail editor@imcra.az.org
Journal E-mail for submission info@bankandpolicy.org






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