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Dear Sponsor

Hello Dear Sponsor. We greet you on behalf of our company and are pleased to address you our offer of mutual cooperation.

Presented . Bank and Policy is a scientific journal published by IMCRA LLC in English six times a year, has received numerous international scientific indices and aims to enter the world's most popular symmetric databases such as the Web of Science and Scopus in the near future. The journal publishes scientific research (articles) by local and foreign authors in the field of banking and finance, international relations, geopolitics, economics, humanities.

Purpose . The research areas of the magazine coincide with the banking sector. The magazine is intended for representatives of science, technology and business. It also holds scientific conferences with Middle Eastern countries (Vietnam, China, etc.). Given the scientific popularity of the journal and its future prospects, we offer close cooperation for Sponsor Bank. To this end, we ask Sponsor Bank, which has earned the trust of the Azerbaijani people for many years, to comment on the following:

  • Sponsor will be advertised on the front and back of each issue. (A4) will be listed in the journal as a principal partner (or publication sponsor); Additional space will be allocated for posting articles on business and social projects implemented by the bank, as well as photo reports, press releases and writings of bank employees, financial indicators of the bank.

What is the significance?

  • For the first time in Azerbaijan and abroad, Sponsor Bank will allocate funds as a sponsor of a scientific journal. This is a great image for the Bank and demonstrates a high level of support for science.
  • It will be widely advertised on the Internet and social networks. There is such an example in international magazines. Sponsor's sponsorship ads will be placed on the magazine's and the company's Facebook, Twitter and linked pages, and support for the magazine's publication will be provided.
  • The bank's banners and advertisements will be displayed at future scientific events, conferences and symposiums of the journal (unlimited).
  • If the journal is presented to scientific institutions, it will be advertised by the sponsor along with the journal
  • The name of the magazine and its development strategy are likely to become a brand in the region in the near future, so financial support for the magazine is likely to create a more serious and different image for the Bank.


Table 2. Payment schedule

Name and duration of work

Scope of work


Delivery - delivery


Advertising - 6 months

The front of the magazine - the back cover of the cover

20 manat

100 magazines (with delivery to banks and branches)

The back of the magazine - the cover of the back cover

15 manat

Providing articles, advertisements, information about the bank, extensive articles of employees, etc. on the inside page. The total amount of 1 inner page

5 manat


30 pounds (this can be increased for internal pages)


Total: Advertising expenses - 35 manat



The total cost of printing a magazine

35 manat

Total: (sponsor + advertising)



Total (Total amount for the sponsoring bank is indicated)

65 manat

65 manat - 1 magazine


For 6 numbers for 1 year - 39,000 manats per year


Offer . For this purpose, we ask Sponsor Bank to allocate funds as a partner in the consistent publication of the print version of the magazine. Note that as a company, we attach great importance to working with you on both services, both advertising and sponsorship. It should be noted that this scientific journal is the first scientific journal on the banking sector in Azerbaijan and in the region as a whole. Given the development strategies, distribution areas and other important factors of scientific journals, we are confident that Sponsor Bank, as an important partner, will respond positively to this effective offer.


Thank you and good luck.


Director of IMCRA LLC


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