Authors can only submit their articles via email.
There is no online submission system on the Bank and Policy website. This is because our site is exposed to strong spam messages.
Authors can send their articles to the following emails.
Authors should be very careful when submitting their articles.

Articles must be in the correct format and in Microsoft Word format. The author must state openly that he did not publish this article anywhere.
It is important to follow the rules below.

1. The author should write in his letter that his scientific article is original.
2. The article is unique.
3. The topic of the article is relevant.
4. The topic of the article should correspond to the topic of the magazine.
5. The author did not use plagiarism.
6. The author mentions the references he uses in his article.
7. The author has a conflict of interest policy or not.
8. The article is not under evaluation for publication in another edition at the same time.
9. The author has clearly stated all the information about him.
10. The author did not use any information in his article, such as swearing, insults and slander.