Small Business (Handicraft Sector) of Azerbaijan and impact of Pandemic -19 on Traditional craft: Strategies for development of Handicraft Sector in Azerbaijan.

Uma Shankar Yadav, Nasir Mammadov, & Ravindra Tripathi. (2022). Small Business (Handicraft Sector) of Azerbaijan and impact of Pandemic -19 on Traditional craft: Strategies for development of Handicraft Sector in Azerbaijan. Bank and Policy, 2(2), 111–145.

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The important purpose of this paper is to focus on the important handicraft industries of Azerbaijan, and how they are connecting the whole country in a single cultural tradition, and conserving the heritage of Azerbaijani art is the art created by Azerbaijanis. They have created rich and distinctive art, a major part of which is applied art items. This form of art rooted in antiquity is represented by a wide range of handicrafts, such as chasing (metalworking), jewellery-making, engraving, carving wood, stone and bone, carpet-making, lacing, and pattern weaving and printing, and knitting and embroidery. Each of these decorative arts is evidence of the culture and the abilities of the Azerbaijan nation and is very popular there. Many interesting facts about the development of arts and crafts in Azerbaijan were reported by merchants, travellers, and diplomats who visited these places at different times. this paper focuses on important handicraft product of Azerbaijan, a major problem faced by small industries, and suggest important advanced and digital strategies that can help in the improvement, promotion, and generate the GDP OF Azerbaijan’s rural and tribal people and the country may transform the hub of the handicraft sector in the global map during the Covid and also study the impact of Covid on small industry (handicraft sector) of Azerbaijan that will help in the sustainable development of Azerbaijan.

Keywords: strategies, traditional craft, pandemic digital strategies, small industries, sustainable development of Azerbaijan

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