Business Feasibility and Economic Scale of Cattle Farming running in smallholder systems in Flores Timur Mainland of Flores Timur Regency

Solvi M. Makandolu, & Johanes G. Sohen. (2022). Business Feasibility and Economic Scale of Cattle Farming running in smallholder systems in Flores Timur Mainland of Flores Timur Regency. Bank and Policy, 2(3), 71–88. 

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A survey has been done in Flores Timur mainland in August 2019. The objectives are: 1) describing the characteristics and scale of cattle farm; 2) reviewing the income; 3) analyzing the feasibility status and 4) analyzing the proper scale of cattle farming. Random cluster sampling was applied. Methods of data analysis used are descriptive analysis; income analysis, financial feasibility analysis, sensitivity analysis and maintenance scale analysis that meets the minimum requirements standard of USD1,500/household/year. The results showed that the number of cattle owned is 5.75 AU where 77.4% of farmers have 1-4 AU and 22.6% have 5-10 AU. The total cash income obtained was IDR11,277,378/year or IDR1,898,804/AU/Year and financially feasible. However, when NCC decreases to 60% the feasibility becomes threatened. Further, the minimum maintenance scale is 7 AU/farmer. In summary, Bali cattle farming in Flores Timur mainland area must be maintained and continually improved.
Keywords: Animal Husbandry, Beef Cattle, Breeding, Fattening, Income, Financial Feasibility


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